Yukon WorkFutures

Economic Analysis

The Top 100 List is updated every two years. Users are encouraged to draw on multiple sources of Labour Market Information to assist them with the most up-to-date career planning. 

This information refers to the Quick Glance data presented for each individual occupation profile and explains how it was derived. 

Expected Demand

Expected demand for each occupation is expressed as either Very High, High, or Elevated. The overall expected demand represents demand due to economic growth and demand due to retirement. In order to determine the level of demand, the metro economics Projection Framework was employed. For all of the Top 100 Occupations the following depicts the assigned label: 

  • VERY HIGH - 50 or higher; 
  • HIGH - 20 to 49; and 
  • ELEVATED - 19 or less. 

Further information on the metro economics Projection Framework and methodology can be found in below document: 

Economic Analysis

The Yukon Workfutures website is updated on a bi-annual basis. The most recent update occurred in fall 2016.