Yukon WorkFutures

Work in Yukon

Working in Yukon offers a wealth of opportunities; it is home to a skilled and educated work force, modern infrastructure and a strong economic climate.  Yukoners continue to enjoy a very high quality of life and a low unemployment rate. Investors and others looking to relocate, find Yukon to be a welcoming place where hard work is valued, creativity is appreciated and cultural diversity is celebrated.

The business climate in Yukon is lively and prosperous.  Supported by an industrial work force, businesses in Yukon have a deep entrepreneurial spirit enabled by clear regulations, a favourable tax regime, numerous financial incentives and a supportive community.

The key to making a living in Yukon and elsewhere too, is to learn and keep on learning. The dramatic economic changes that have always been a part of Yukon life are increasingly a part of the national and world economy. Shifting economic patterns and developing technology mean that learning one set of skills is not always sufficient. The person who wants to keep working, to keep making a living, must be prepared to upgrade those skills and learn new ones as the need arises.

Yukon employers look for workers with a good attitude, who are cooperative, responsible, flexible, positive and productive. Yukon employers want employees who are prepared to engage in continuous learning, who are self-sufficient and contribute to a team.