Yukon WorkFutures

Employment Prospects

The demand forecast for Yukon Workfutures is for Yukon as a whole. It may be that opportunities in your region or community will be better or worse than those described here.

The demand forecast is made at a point in time and is based on a set of assumptions on how the economy is likely to change between 2016 and 2021. It is important for users to note that continuing globalization, technological development, political, social and economic change make accurate forecasting difficult, so please use these estimates and projections with caution. Users are encouraged to draw on multiple sources of Labour Market Information to assist them with the most up-to-date career planning. 

Whenever possible, information on current or projected surpluses or shortages of workers in an occupation is given. A shortage or oversupply of qualified and available workers will affect the competitiveness of the job market for a given occupation. When there are surpluses of workers, applicants may have to search for a longer time, accept a less desirable offer, find employment in another occupation, or face extended unemployment.

The more you can learn about the kinds of issues that impact occupational growth and decline, the more easily you will be able to make career decisions. In particular, it is important to understand how the following labour market trends can combine to influence employment opportunities.

  • Innovation in technology
  • The globalization of trade
  • Industry shifts
  • Demographic changes/aging population
  • Government policies
  • Changing business practices
  • Changing consumer demand