Yukon WorkFutures

Frequently Asked Questions

I didn’t finish high school. Are jobs with less than high school listed on this site? 

Grade 12 is a minimum education for most occupations listed on Yukon Workfutures. In-demand jobs that do not require high school can be found by filtering your search results to: no specific education requirements.

How can I find funding to support my education? 

Yukoners can access funding for education in a number of different places. Check out the funding links on the Department of Education website under Student Financial Aid and Training and Work http://www.education.gov.yk.ca/.

Can I get job training without leaving Yukon? 

Many online training or distance education opportunities are available locally and virtually through Canadian colleges and universities. Check out the Education & Training page of this site to explore local training and distance training opportunities. 

Who do I talk to about my education? 

Yukon high schools have guidance counsellors to help their students with career planning. Yukon College also offers a career counsellor to help with planning. 

For trades training call Advanced Education 667-5298 or toll free (in Yukon):  1-800-661-0408, local 5298 or email apprenticeship@gov.yk.ca

Employment agency staff may also be able to talk to you about education prospects. Employment Service Providers in Yukon can be found on this website under Employment Resources and Career Planning. 

What is an NOC code?

A NOC code is a National Occupational Classification code. The federal government of Canada has classified thousands of different jobs into different groups and categories. If you know the NOC code of a Yukon job, you can search Yukon Workfutures by NOC code.

More information on Canada’s NOC codes can found on the Government of Canada’s website.

Why are some careers not mentioned on this site?

Yukon Workfutures only posts the Top 100 jobs in demand in the territory.

The Government of Canada has classified thousands of different jobs by demand across Canada. More information is available on Canada Job Bank.  

I’m interested in a career that doesn’t appear on this site. Does that mean there are no opportunities in the Yukon for me?

The Yukon Workfutures site looks at the 100 top jobs in demand in the territory. If you are interested in a career that does not appear on this site you may wish to conduct further labour market research by contacting Yukon businesses or governments to enquire about the availability of specific jobs not mentioned here.

If I pursue a career listed on this site, am I guaranteed a job when I complete my training?

No, the Yukon Workfutures site provides general labour market and training information as a resource guide only. The site is designed to provide information about trends and possibilities for Yukon employment.