Yukon WorkFutures

Yukon Labour Market

The labour force in Yukon is both active and growing. Yukon has one of the highest labour participation and employment rates in Canada. Yukon has a high level of employee engagement and employment satisfaction. Yukon’s labour demographic is fairly young and split evenly along gender lines.

Yukon’s industry demographic is primarily public administration, but a significant portion of Yukoners work in resource-based and resource-related industries. Yukon also has one of the highest ratios of educated workers (some level of post-secondary education) in Canada. 

There are several active organizations in Yukon encouraging the continued growth of the labour market. The Yukon government, which itself employs a number of Yukoners, actively brings in new workers through training and incentive programs. In addition, the Yukon Government runs the Yukon Nominee Program to help attract foreign workers when national labourers are unavailable. Many First Nation governments coordinate their own efforts to aid in the supply of labour to local companies and assist in the provision of training as needed.

In addition to the information found in Workfutures, prospective workers, investors, employers and counsellors are encouraged to visit the Department of Community Services for information on Employment Standards:

  • Statutory Holidays
  • Minimum Wage Rates
  • Fair Wage Schedules
  • Employment Standards Act
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Student & Parent Guide to Working